About Katy Insurance Solutions (KIS)

Our Parent company is Home Insurance Solutions of Texas - HISOT and we have been in the Katy, TX area for over 20 years and counting.

We are located in historical downtown Katy where we serve the entire state of Texas. We take pride in being an independent insurance agency and owned and operated by the same person for 2 plus decades, Susan Flagg.

We like to Shop!

We shop over 20 carriers for you to get the best coverage and best price for your auto, home and life insurance solutions - best call you will ever make,
(281) 293 - 7744  Toll Free 1-(877) 260 - 0808

We write many types of insurance policies to better find the right solution for you.


Auto Truck




TX Biz Owner


Whole Life


Yes, No, Yes

NOT Rocket Science

You do not need a rocket scientist, but what is required -
  • Access to experienced, knowledgeable and licensed local agents - Great Staff
  • A conversation with you to allow us a good understanding of your needs, and most importantly
  • Allow you to make an informed decision about one of the most critical choices you will make

NOT rocket science but it is a BIG DEAL!

You should have that conversation either by calling us, stopping by or using our Contact Us form to

  • Start your Quote
  • Schedule a good time for us to call you
  • Start your Annual Review

We want your business

Thank You for the opportunity to earn it!

Community Assets

The Katy, TX community has assets, Great Assets! Community assets are what make the Community and KIS is proud to be a member.

Discounts are available

Save Money - Discounts for bundling Home and Auto, good driving record and even your profession can qualify for discounts. Look at Vehicles then Discounts for your possible discounts, then give us a call.

Ever-Changing Insurance Markets

Keeping up with changing rates and the new insurance carriers moving into our area can be exhausting! Let us do the work for you. Call today for your free Quote - (281) 293 - 7744  Toll Free 1-(877) 260 - 0808

We are growing - we are interviewing!

The position will showcase both effective product and market knowledge to assist in making informed decision with professionalism and great customer service skills - employ.

KIS your insurance frustrations goodbye. Say Hello to Solutions!

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