Homeowners, Residential and Commercial Property Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance

Pays to repair or replace your home and personal property if they're damaged or destroyed by an event or occurrence covered by your policy. These events or occurrences are called "covered losses."

One Size Does Not Fit All

Many items to consider - monthly premium, deductible and what is and is not covered. Let one of our professional licensed agents work for you to find what is the right fit for you. One size does not fit all.

Be careful, some homeowners who have paid off their mortgages choose to drop their homeowners insurance to save some money. Saving money is Good. Suffering a major loss to your paid-off home and not having insurance to cover your loss is Bad. Taking on another mortgage to cover your loss could also be Bad.

Texas Homeowners Policies

Most homeowners policies in Texas include the following coverages -



What it pays

Pays if your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.



Personal property

What it pays

Pays if the items in your home (such as furniture, clothing, and appliances) are damaged, stolen, or destroyed.



Other structures

What it pays

Pays to repair or rebuild structures not attached to your home, such as detached garages, storage sheds and fences.



Loss of use

What it pays

Pays your additional living expenses (housing, food, and other essential expenses) if you must temporarily move because of damage to your home from a covered loss. Your policy will pay a percentage of the amount of your dwelling coverage (typically 10 to 20 percent).



Personal liability

What it pays

Pays to defend you in court against lawsuits and provides coverage if you are found legally responsible for someone else's injury or property damage.

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Rental Insurance

In the state of Texas , there are big differences between policies for an owner-occupied home and a tenant-occupied home.
If you move and decide to keep your old home for rental income, you will need to change your insurance policy to a tenant-occupied policy. A tenant-occupied home insurance policy is called a TDP or Dwelling/Fire insurance.

We have TDP3 policies that cover replacement cost, damage from broken pipes, loss of rental income and liability coverage.

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Condo Insurance

Condominium insurance covers your belongings, provides liability protection, and pays additional living expenses. This presumes you have a HOA that covers the structure. The insurance that covers the structure is usually paid by you through your HOA dues.

Renters Insurance

If you live in a rented home or apartment, you'll need renters insurance to protect your personal property. Renters insurance pays to repair or replace personal property - things like your clothes, furniture, and electronics - if they are stolen or damaged. Renters insurance won't pay to fix the home or apartment building if it's damaged. The building owner's insurance policy covers that. Some landlords might require you to buy renters insurance as a condition of your lease.

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Windstorm and Hail Insurance

Most homeowners policies don't cover windstorm and hail damage if you live in any of the 14 coastal counties or parts of Harris County on Galveston Bay. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) is the state's insurer of last resort for windstorm and hail coverage.

When a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico (80 degrees longitude and 20 degrees latitude), you may no longer change or buy windstorm coverage.

Flood Insurance

Homeowners policies don't cover flood damage. To protect yourself from losses caused by most flooding, you may buy a separate flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) runs NFIP. If your property is in a special flood hazard area, your lender will require you to have flood insurance.

  • 3 out 4 homes will suffer a flood loss that are not in a designated flood zone.
  • Just an inch of water can cause a tremendous amount of damage.
  • The average premium for a preferred flood policy is less than $400 a year.
  • The National Flood Insurance Program shows the average flood claim to be over $38,000.
  • Everyone can get flooded whether you live in a designated flood zone or not.
  • A car can be easily carried away by just 2 feet of water.

Flood insurance has a mandatory 30 day waiting period before your policy will take effect, so please call us before the next flood waters start to rise - (281) 293-7744  Toll Free 1-(877) 260 - 0808

Texas Business Owner Policy

Business owner program (BOP) policies are a common type of commercial policy primarily for small businesses. BOP policies combine property and liability coverage in one policy.

Commercial property policies provide various types of coverage, either as part of the base policy or through policy endorsements. Endorsements expand or amend a policy's coverages and usually increase your premium. You can buy certain coverages as separate standalone policies.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance protects business owners against claims of liability for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury (slander and false advertising). Premises/operations coverage pays for bodily injury or property damage that occurs on your premises or as a result of your business operations. Products/completed operations coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage that occurs away from your business premises and is caused by your products or completed work. Excess liability insurance pays for covered losses that exceed your CGL policy's dollar limit.

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Responsibilities and Liabilities can change

New family members, additional vehicles or new business opportunities may require a fresh look at your insurance solutions that match where you are today.

A good habit to develop is to sit down with your insurance agent on an annual basis to review any changes prior to your last review to ensure you do not have any new liabilities that need additional insurance solutions.

We encourage you to use our Contact Us form to set up a no-cost review today.

Ever-Changing Insurance Markets

Keeping up with changing rates and the new insurance carriers moving into our area can be exhausting! Let us do the work for you. Call today for your free Quote -(281) 293 - 7744 ┬áToll Free 1-(877) 260 - 0808

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